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Career Available iDOproductions signage, printing and embroidery Nelspruit

iDOproductions signage, printing and embroidery Nelspruit understands that any decent job is hard to come by. The ones that is soul fulfilling and make you feel you are actually doing something worthwhile with your life and the possibilities of reaching new heights in this exciting industry right where you grew up. That is why we give applicants the opportunity to show their willingness to learn and work hard in reaching goals setup by us and by themselves.

Make no mistake, to get somewhere in life you have to put in the hours and work for it. You yourself will determine your own success; skills set and your own future. Enough so that together we will help grow the company as a team in the signage, printing and embroidery industry serving our loyal and future clients. We all get to start somewhere and build on our knowledge, skills and ultimate success. Join our family and reach your dreams in an exciting career in the signage, printing or embroidery industry.

Current Position(s) Available:

What we look for when we hire

  • Integrity: You are honest, transparent and pride yourself on our brand reputation.
  • Accountability: You embrace your responsibilities and strive to meet or exceed your goals.
  • Teamwork: You respect, inspire and trust your team members and iDOproductions community.
  • Passion: You love what you do and strive to delight our customers with service excellence.
  • Innovation: You constructively challenge the status quo, always looking to improve and evolve in your role.

5 Reasons why to work for us

  • Earn a competative salary thru your hard work and dedication.
  • Get your ideas out there in an innovative, casual work environment.
  • Be surrounded by diverse employees in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Learn a wealth of exciting new products and marketing methods.
  • Meet many new people and be part of their success.

Junior External Sales Representative

Personal Requirements

Willingness to learn 90%
External sales 60%
Internal work 40%
Go getter 100%
Self motivated 95%

Minimum Requirements

  • Valid senior certificate (matric)
  • 2-3 Years sales experience
  • Code B licence and own reliable transport
  • Own reliable cellphone
  • Read and write English and Afrikaans
  • Young and energetic
  • Good people skills
  • Attention to detail

Ideal Requirements

  • Graphic designing (CorelDraw X6)
  • Good sales track record
  • Born and live in Nelspruit
  • After school diplomas in our fields
  • Website design and development
  • Work experience in signage, printing and embroidery

Job Description

Sign makers, printing designers or embroidery designers design and create signs, printing materials and embroidery branding of all types and sizes with a computer using graphics software. A sign maker might work within the factory of a sign manufacturer, a print shop or even at home as a freelance designer. Though the hours can be long and the deadlines tight, the job involves a great deal of creativity, which makes it ideal for anyone interested in art or graphic design and needs full knowledge of the signage, printing and embroidery industry.

Required Skills

You must be artistic, creative and have a strong eye for detail. You should have normal colour vision and be knowledgeable about the effective use of typography, colour and visual space. You should be able to produce quality drawings by hand and possess solid experience with graphic design programs like CorelDRAW, Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Additional skills include self-motivation, an independent work ethic, strong verbal and non-verbal communication, and the ability to effectively manage time, meet deadlines and work within a budget.

Job Duties

As this position is for external sales representative you will be out generating new leads and in doing so growing our existing customer base with new clients daily. So it is on the applicants agenda to work out where to canvas and what the possible customer might need. You must first seek to understand the needs of your client or employer through detailed discussions. Decide on the best type of signage, printing or embroidery for the job and then provide them with rough sketches or explanation on their requirements that convey your ideas.

Once a basic design is selected, you will use modern computer software to produce lettering, images and layouts as part of the customized design process. Several rounds of revisions may be necessary before a final composite is approved. The final steps will then involve laying out print measurements and specifications for production and checking the printer’s work for quality.  The applicant must understand that they will be part of all aspects from beginning to end of any projects and assisting with installation requirements.

Work Details

Training will be provided. On the job training is the best way of learning the industry.
Flexible hours as long as the weekly goals are met. Normal times will be Mon-Fri 8am-5pm. We work some saturdays dependant on our clients reguirements.
The individual will earn a basic + good commission + bonusses when bonus goals are reached. Basic will depend what the candidate brings in for the month. Our salary structure is in place for hard workers only. Work hard and you will be rewarded accordingly!
After the trial period (which could be 1, 3 or 6 months) the successfull candidate will be employed fulltime and be able to move up he ranks. Once fully trained the new permanent candidate will train the next new applicants.
Our company services most of Mpumalanga. So from time to time we need to travel to our clients office or workshop or even farms.
The applicant should build his own new client base and maintain as a ongoing process. Bringing new clients on a daily basis.