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Here are some handy Q & A to know

What kind of items can be embroidered? 2015-08-01T14:34:04+02:00

The saying in our shop is, “If we can hoop it, we can embroider it.” Most soft items can be embroidered. Call us with questions about your particular item and we will gladly advice you.

What types of garments produce the best embroidery results? 2015-08-01T14:31:54+02:00

Button down shirts, jackets and bags will produce crisp results for embroidery. Loose knit shirts and caps can be difficult for small lettering and detail.

How much will my graphic design / digitizing cost? 2015-08-01T14:27:36+02:00

Pricing on designing is roughly based on time spent, size and complexity. Normally charged as a per hour fee. Outside of that, there are certain designs which are inherently more expensive than others. iDOproductions prides itself of being one of the most cost effective and use only the appropriate methods required for each job.

What is your payment terms? 2016-11-30T15:18:45+02:00

Our company policy states that we only start production or order stock when 100% (full payment) is received. We are stictly C.O.D. to all our clients. Once you order R5000 or more per month for atleast 12 months, you can apply for a 30 day C.O.D. account. If the account is approved, we will asses your account if the R5000 limit is maintained every 3 months. If it falls below the average of R5000 per month, you will be moved back as a regular C.O.D customer.

What if I don’t have a logo? 2015-08-01T14:13:31+02:00

iDOproductions can help you develop a company logo for signage, printing or embroidery. For signage and printing we can design a vector logo file to your specifications. We then in turn can digitize that vector file for embroidery. Normally some tracing or start from scratch approach is needed for a set fee. All this can be done in-house for your convinience.

Do I pay per colour used for embroidery? 2015-08-01T14:03:36+02:00

Absolutely not. We know some embroidery companies do charge setup charges per colour but here at iDOproductions we simply do not charge any additional charges for more colours used. There is certain colours that do cost more than others so we will keep you informed which colours these are.

What is your banking details? 2015-08-01T13:56:16+02:00

Account Name: Tony Vermaak
Account Type: Cheque Account
Bank Name: ABSA (Wolff Street)
Bank Code: 632005
Bank Account Number: 407 216 5432

Please email proof of payment to tony@idosigns.co.za

What forms of payment do you accept? 2015-08-01T13:52:36+02:00

You can settle your invoice thru EFT or cash payments. When chosing EFT, the full amount needs to show up in our account before any production or stock ordering takes place. Our banking details are on all our quotes and invoices.

How do i get your periodical updates and promotions? 2016-11-30T15:18:45+02:00

Join iDOproductions Nelspruit Newsletter Slider

It is simple, either find the join our newsletter form on our home page at the bottom or at the top marked top right corner with a red triangle and white plus or send us an email asking us to add you or give us a call to add you to our mailing list. A lot of our special package deals or promotions will only be available via our website or newsletters. So don’t lose out and contact us today!

Why do the printed colours look different from the colours on my screen? 2015-08-01T13:37:27+02:00
  • In short, printers and monitors produce colours in different ways.
  • Monitors use the RGB (red, green, blue) colour model, which usually supports a wider spectrum of colours. Printers use the CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) colour model, which can reproduce most—but not all—of the colours in the RGB colour model. Depending on the equipment used, CMYK generally matches 85–90% of the colours in the RGB model.
  • When a colour is selected from the RGB model that is out of the range of the CMYK model, the application chooses what it thinks is the closest colour that will match.
What type of products and services do you provide? 2015-08-01T13:33:08+02:00

Good question! We are a full service shop and offer a wide range of products and services. To see a full listing and description of what we can offer you, check out the Services: designing, embroidery, printing, sigange and corporate gifts area of our website. Not all our products are listed, please give iDOproductions a call for full list.

What is a proof / approval and why is it important that I look at it? 2015-08-01T13:26:41+02:00

In signage, printing and embroidery terms, a proof / approval is a one-off copy (normally via email) of your document after all modifications and setup processes have been completed. It is your last and best opportunity to make sure that the job comes out the way you want. By carefully inspecting the proof / approval, you can help us assure an accurate, flawless delivery of your print, sign or embroidery job on the first run.

iDOproductions will not accept any liability or acceptance once the customer approved the artwork so it is important to go thru and double check everything .

Is white considered a printing colour? 2015-08-01T13:28:24+02:00

Not typically. Because white is the default colour of paper and vinyl, it is simply recognized as the absence of any ink. However, when using coloured paper or vinyl, white ink may be used if any text or graphic requires it. iDOproductions can’t print white ink at the moment as do many other local printers.

How long does it take for you to complete my order? 2015-08-01T13:39:11+02:00

There is such a wide variety of ways to print that there is no easy answer to this question. Here are a few common ways. Printing on the small press,  usually 3-5 working days (embossing, foiling and die cutting adds approximately 7 working days). Full colour digital printing, generally 5-7 days, quicker turns are available with rush charges. Forms printed on larger presses, such as large quantity NCR forms usually take 14 business days. All of these times are general and will be adjusted based on the production schedule and the complexity of your order at the time of order acceptance. We will work with you as much as possible to make your deadlines.

How do I go about getting an estimate from you? 2015-08-01T13:10:42+02:00

Well, since you are here, we would suggest you use our online request form. Otherwise, the best way to ensure that we get all the information necessary to do an accurate quote is to give us a call and talk with one of our customer service representatives.

I’m not sure if my artwork is correct, what should I do? 2015-08-01T13:06:41+02:00

That’s why we are here. If you are in any doubt or have any questions please contact us and we will be delighted to help you. We’re experts in digital printing, signage and embroidery so you don’t have to be!

What does resolution and DPI mean? 2016-11-30T15:18:46+02:00

All images should be 300 dpi.  DPI is the amount of ink dots per inch; 300 dots per inch is the required standard for printed material. Anything below 200 dpi may not be good enough resolution for printing.

What is the difference between CMYK and RGB? 2015-08-01T13:03:20+02:00
  • CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black – the inks offset presses mix together to make colours on your printed job.
  • RGB stands for Red, Green and Blue – the colours of light a computer screen mixes together to make colours on your screen.
What is Bleed? 2015-08-01T13:00:49+02:00

Ink that prints beyond the trim edge of the page to ensure it extends to the edge of the page after trimming. As there is a degree of movement when printing on any press, you should always create 1.5mm to 3mm bleed on all edges where bleed is needed. Supplying your job without bleed may result in white lines when we trim it.

Can you use a digital image from my camera? 2016-11-30T15:18:46+02:00

Yes, but there are limitations with enlarging digital images; therefore, quality may suffer. Contact iDOproductions to discuss your specific image and the ability to incorporate the image into your new design. So in short, the image file size should be close to 10MB or more dependant on the size requirements.

What file format is preferred for my artwork? 2015-08-01T12:34:06+02:00

Generally, PC format is preferred like: .pdf, eps, ai or CorelDraw X6. For more information on file format, please contact iDOproductions. If you supply your own artwork it must be in a vector format of one of the above mentioned file formats!

What colours show up the best? 2015-08-01T12:29:47+02:00

The choice of colour is a very important aspect when considering the effectiveness of a particular message. For more information about the effect of color for your sign, please contact iDOproductions.

How long will my sign last? 2015-08-01T12:28:12+02:00

At iDOproductions, we use a wide variety of materials in the construction of our signs. We have materials that are preferred for medium-term applications, as well as materials that will withstand the test of time. For more information about the options available concerning sign life, please contact our sign specialist.

How long will it take to get my sign? 2015-08-01T12:24:27+02:00

We got a few guidelines to assist in the time frame it will take to make any sign.

  • Small Signs: roughly 3 to 5 working days.
  • Medium Signs: roughly 5 to 7 working days.
  • Larger Signs: roughly 7 to 14 working days.

On massive projects it could even take up to 21 working days as we need to order specific materials from further away suppliers so couriers are involved.

Do you make signs in standard sizes? 2015-08-01T12:18:12+02:00

At iDOproductions, we make custom signs and banners, so we can build your sign at any size needed to achieve your desired outcome or to your budget. There are some standard sizes for basic signs and some regulatory signs, such as parking signs, but the majority of the signs we produce are designed to fit the needs of the customer and the variables of where the sign will be displayed.

What is the process for determining the best sign for my needs? 2015-08-01T12:13:51+02:00

We begin every project with a new customer discussing the intention or purpose of the sign. Where will the sign be viewed? How will the sign be placed or installed? Etc. This series of questions will help us determine the best materials, colors and mounting methods in constructing your sign to achieve your desired outcome.

What is iDOproductions hours? 2015-08-01T12:11:54+02:00

We are generally open from 8:30am to 17:00pm Monday to Friday and some Saturdays when we are required to travel to far away sites. Our main cellphone number is accesable at all times from 8:30am to 20:00pm to assist in any matters. Please do not abuse the after hour services!

How much will my embroidery cost? 2015-08-01T11:58:53+02:00

Pricing on embroidery is roughly based on materials used, size, and quantities. Outside of that, there are certain materials which are inherently more expensive than others. iDOproductions prides itself of being one of the most cost effective and use only the best materials required for each job. We charge a per 1000 stitches no matter the number of colours used.

How much will my printing cost? 2015-08-01T11:55:55+02:00

Pricing on printing is roughly based on materials used, size, colours and quantities. Outside of that, there are certain materials which are inherently more expensive than others. iDOproductions prides itself of being one of the most cost effective and use only the best materials required for each job.

How much will my sign cost? 2015-08-01T11:53:54+02:00

Pricing on signs is roughly based on materials used, size and durability. In a nutshell: more expensive signs will last longer. Outside of that, there are certain materials which are inherently more expensive than others. iDOproductions prides itself of being one of the most cost effective and use only the best materials required for each job.

Can iDOproductions provide on-site consultations? 2015-08-01T11:48:47+02:00

We are more than happy to meet with you at your location to help provide the correct solution for your signage, printing and embroidery needs. If we need to travel, there will be a travel fee to cover fuels and toll charges. If you are located in Nelspruit (Mbombela) no travel charges will apply.

Does iDOpoductions provide installation services? 2015-08-01T11:40:42+02:00

There are different types of sign installations, and iDOproductions can handle them all. Whether we hire an outside installer for major jobs, or take care of the installation ourselves, we’ll make sure that the installation is solved on a timely and professional manner.

Do I need laminate on my sign? 2015-08-01T11:36:59+02:00

In many cases, lamination is not required to produce a durable product, but can enhance the appearance and will extend the life of any sign. The UV rays from the sun in the lowveld is extreme. This can contribute to your signs shorter life span by fading the lighter colours first. If your sign is covered from sun and rain it should be fine without any laminate film. If your sign does see sun during the day or catch rain we recommend to laminate for a longer richer durable product.