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Project Description

Heymans Kole Truck Fleet Branding

iDOproductions signage, printing and embroidery Nelspruit, doesn’t matter if you need one truck or a whole fleet of trucks branded, give us a call to assist. When working with large truck companies, they tend to replace all trucks every three years, so it is needless to say truck branding materials must last at least three years or longer. Some of our vinyls are now sitting pretty for over 7 years and counting and still looks like we did it yesterday!

So some clients’ break that up for every month doing a few and other doing a huge swop once every year. Whichever method you use iDOproductions signage, printing and embroidery Nelspruit is the company for you.

iDOproductions Nelspruit specializes in truck branding and vehicle branding using only the best vinyls available, be it polymeric cut-out vinyls or 7 year engineering grade SABS approved reflective vinyls. We mainly do branding for the following truck company types: Volvo, Scania, MAN, UD and Iveco as well. Any other truck company type is welcome off course.

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