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iDOproductions Nelspruit monthly promotions

At iDOproductions signage, printing and embroidery Nelspruit (Mbombela Mpumalanga) we understand the high costs of maintaining your companies branding needs and to be visible to your clients new and old. So much so that we will do our best in promoting certain branding products to help keep your company in the spot light for the best deal possible. So look out for these promotions on our website and newsletters going out from time to time. These promotions will only be available to our online members on our website and newsletter subscribers so don’t miss out and subscribe to our newsletter for best deals available. If you know of any company that needs signage or branding then don’t hesitate to like and share us on the various social media platforms. That will be much appreciated.

For now here are two promotion deals below to get you started.

Banner Promotion

Banner Promotion 2016

Banner promo code: iDObanners2016

Another monthly promotional deals with the most favorite branding media our clients are asking for frequently. Not one banner size but a whopping 5 different banner sizes to cater for all budgets, events, promos, product launch or branding needs. This monthly banner promotion will run for December 2016 only (look out for different monthly promotion deals in the coming months).

These promos are only available to our online customers be it via website, newsletter mailing list or Facebook page. So don’t delay and get in contact with us today. Please use the promo code for these promos!

  1. 2m x 1m Banner ….. from R735.00
  2. 3m x 1m Banner ….. from R895.00
  3. 5m x 1m Banner ….. from R1495.00
  4. 3m x 1.4m Banner ….. from R1195.00
  5. 6m x 1.4m Banner ….. from R1895.00

If you require any other sizes please contact iDOproductions Nelspruit for best banner deals for December 2016. Please Note: terms and conditions apply!

Banner Promotion Terms & Conditions

  • Only valid for online customers. (promo code: iDObanners2016)
  • Only valid for December 2016.
  • All banners high quality digital printed.
  • Customer to collect from iDOproductions.
  • Could be delivered around Nelspruit for additional costs.
  • Full payment required before printing starts.
  • Excludes stitching @ R25 per meter.
  • Excludes artwork @ R250 per hour.
  • 2m and 3m Banners lead time roughly 1 – 5 working days.
  • 5m and 6m Banners lead time roughly 3 – 7 working days.
  • 2m and 3m Banners comes with 4 x 1m ropes.
  • 5m and 6m Banners comes with up to 8 x 1m ropes
  • All banners digital printed single sided (black PVC back).
  • Banners will have various number of eyelets dependant on size.
  • Artwork supplied must be in a usable file format and high quality.
  • We are not VAT registered so we don’t charge VAT!